6 Ways a DUI Lawyer Can Help You Win Your Case

Many offenders in San Antonio find it incredibly challenging to win a DUI case because of how trained and stringent the Texas police are at identifying their intoxication while driving and how motivated most prosecutors are to prove them guilty. It can often take just a few missteps for an individual’s charges to turn into DUI convictions without the support of a DUI lawyer.

Therefore, representing yourself after a DUI arrest is never a good idea. It’s because you need substantial training, knowledge, and experience to be legally represented after a DUI arrest, which is rarely possible without the legal counsel of a qualified DUI lawyer.

Your DUI lawyer won’t only be there to listen to your side of the story but will also help you win your DUI case by fighting your charge. From preparing you for court to challenging the prosecution and having your charge dismissed, there’s undoubtedly a lot your DUI lawyer can do for you.

If you’re wondering what it means to hire a DUI lawyer when trying to win a DUI case, here are some of the top ways they can help you avoid jail time, penalty fees, license revocation, and more.

Avoiding the Bias in a DUI Charge

Winning a DUI case significantly depends on what you can do to avoid the existing bias in the DUI charge. There’s a wide range of challenges people face after being charged for a DUI incident. One of them is dealing with the bias and one-sided stories associated with the incident. There’s a high chance of people not believing you or your story.

With a DUI lawyer, this isn’t something you’ll have to experience. It’s because they’ll trust you and be open to hearing your side of the story to help you win your DUI case. They’ll acknowledge that you’re not a bad person and will develop the most effective strategy to convince the judge and jury of that too.

As a result, there’s always a greater potential for success in court when you’re being supported by a DUI lawyer. 

Having Substantial Knowledge Of DUI Laws and Penalties

If there’s one reason you should always hire a DUI lawyer, it’s that they come with substantial experience that they use to provide you with their legal support and counsel. A DUI defense lawyer spends years handling DWI and DUI cases of all kinds. This gives them the edge and expertise they need to win your case seamlessly.

A DUI lawyer’s experience allows them to understand your case better and find the best ways to defend you. From determining the relevant questions for witnesses to presenting proper evidence and finding loopholes in the prosecution’s accusations, they can take all the necessary steps to help you win your DUI case.

It’s because DUI lawyers have the unique skill of concealing the events that aren’t favorable for your case and highlighting the instances that benefit you as an accused person. Their strategy is based on years of experience defending multiple DUI and DWI offenders and winning their DUI cases.

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Reducing The Time Spent in Court/Jail

One thing to always keep in mind after a DUI arrest is that you’ll be required to make an appearance in court at least once. Furthermore, you may also have to face jail time, depending on the nature of your DUI charge. Your DUI lawyer’s ultimate goal is to not only win your DUI case but also make sure you spend the least amount of time in both court and jail.

They’ll do their best to ensure you’re not required to be present in court during every legal proceeding and that you’re adequately represented even in your absence. This will allow you to be at home or work with peace of mind, knowing that your DUI lawyer is doing everything possible to have your charges dismissed and eventually win your DUI case. 

Furthermore, they’ll try to negotiate the amount of time you spend in jail by working out alternatives like house arrests, rehabilitation, community service, and more.

Handling Critical Evidence and Paperwork

A significant factor that your DUI case critically relies on is evidence. Your sentence will be determined after you and the prosecution have successfully drafted and submitted evidence of the DUI incident you’re being charged for.

It can be incredibly overwhelming to handle paperwork and evidence, including photographs, screenshots, videos, and other documents, as the defendant. It’s because the process of acquiring evidence is time-consuming and stringent.

However, your DUI lawyer knows the significance of timely evidence in the process of winning a DUI case and will do everything in their power to handle the necessary paperwork and obtain important evidence to prepare your case.

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Presenting a Strong Defense Case

When a judge determines your sentence and closes your DUI case, the only thing they rely on is your defense case and the facts presented by the prosecution. Therefore, you can always count on your DUI lawyer to build a strong case based on the events of the DUI incident and defend you as wisely as possible.

Whether they’re contesting on your behalf or trying to negotiate your sentence, they’ll ensure every measure they take is to help you win your DUI case.

Helping You Decide on a Plea

It can be overwhelming to determine whether you should plead guilty or not guilty during your arraignment in a DUI case. Your DUI lawyer’s advice can play a major role in helping you decide on a plea and sticking to it.

Their legal counsel will be based on a plea’s chances of helping you win your car.

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You can now win your DUI case by connecting with the DWI attorneys in San Antonio at The Law Offices of George A. Scharmen. As one of the most experienced DWI lawyers in San Antonio, I’m committed to representing you in DUI and DWI cases and preventing consequences like license suspension. Contact me to learn more today!

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