The nightmare is you were -screaming into your computer –stressed out about everything, and after a couple of drinks you -decided to drive a couple of blocks over to the Circle K to pick up a snack.  It so happens that an officer was working late and saw you roll through that stop sign.  The […]

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DWI Blood/Alcohol Testing in Hospitals? (“Hey, prosecutor, that’s none of your business!”)

San Antonio DWI Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Testing in Hospitals I’m not talking about “privacy” here. I think we all know that if the government really wants to get into your business, it can and it will. This is just a fact of modern life. So, unless you live in a shack in the middle […]

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Specialty and Treatment Courts

Some of my clients take drugs or drink alcohol for reasons other than recreation. It is sometimes a sad fact of heroism in the military that our heroes suffer not only physical injuries but also mental injuries. These injuries may include traumatic brain injury as well a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). People with these problems […]

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DWI’s Today

First, if a lawyer guarantees that he will get your case dismissed have him put it in writing, and I will represent you for FREE because criminal lawyers cannot ethically present that they can be hired for a specific result. To do that is a violation of State Bar Ethics, and a lawyer can be […]

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“Good” Science For Gas Chromatographic Blood Alcohol Analysis

First of all, we need a cast of characters for this story. A Laboratory The central calibration and testing laboratory in Texas is the Texas Department of Public Safety Forensic Toxicology Laboratory [DPS]. The Rules All laboratories have their own Standard Operating Procedures. These are usually in the form of a manual that describes in […]

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Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Future of Texas DWI Laws

Last Thursday, The Supreme Court made two rulings that placed limitations on DWI tests; one of those rulings could affect Texans. The first ruling states that police are restricted from forcibly drawing blood from someone suspected of driving while under the influence. The second ruling gives police the right to require a breathalyzer test without […]

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