Why Should I Hire a DWI Lawyer?

officer getting into police car

All lawyers who practice trial law, either civil or criminal, can represent people in a DWI case.  Even personal injury law firms may hire criminal lawyers to handle DWI cases because it will generate business for the firm until their next settlement is funded.  There are many people who are arrested for DWI in Texas, therefore it makes DWI cases quite appealing to many lawyers.

The questions you should ask yourself are: Do I want to hire just any lawyer to represent me in this important matter?  Do I want a lawyer who is experienced in DWI defense and who practices only DWI law at every level, or do I want just a criminal defense lawyer?  For example, if you wanted a doctor to help you with a serious kidney problem, would you hire an oral surgeon simply because he is an MD?

No, you would not, and you want a lawyer who has had extensive experience in DWI law and who has extensive experience in DWI jury trials and appeals to help you with your DWI case.  You want a lawyer who is board certified in criminal law and board-certified in criminal trial advocacy.  You want a lawyer who defends ONLY DWI cases.  This is not to say that other lawyers cannot help you with DWI defense.  However, your case is important to you, and you want the most qualified person to help you.  You should take into consideration the training and experience of a DWI lawyer who practices only DWI defense.

I have practiced DWI defense for thirty years, and I have two board certifications in criminal law and in criminal trial advocacy.  I defend only DWI cases: state and federal, misdemeanor and felony.  I appeal cases on DWI issues.  Go to scholar.google.com and check “case law.”  Type in “George Scharmen” and see what comes up (there will be several pages of cases).  Many of my cases deal specifically with DWI issues, and they are important.

I represent many people who have had prior DWIs, and they are facing enhanced punishment because of their prior convictions.  It is common for me to find that during their prior convictions their lawyers made serious mistakes.  I show those mistakes to the judges and the prosecutors, and often I can get their current DWIs reduced from felonies to misdemeanors.  In this way, I can often get my clients probation when otherwise they would be sent to prison.  Doing this type of representation is not common, and often prosecutors and judges are quite surprised by it.

If you or a member of your family have been exposed to this type of problem, you should consider hiring a DWI lawyer like me.  Also, you will be pleasantly surprised that my fees are competitive with other lawyers who represent people in DWI cases.