Supreme Court Ruling Could Affect Future of Texas DWI Laws

Last Thursday, The Supreme Court made two rulings that placed limitations on DWI tests; one of those rulings could affect Texans. The first ruling states that police are restricted from forcibly drawing blood from someone suspected of driving while under the influence. The second ruling gives police the right to require a breathalyzer test without […]

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Attorney Scharmen Interviewed Regarding Accuracy of New DWI Test

According to a report from Channel 4 News, the San Antonio police department along with several other police departments across Texas are rolling out new breath-testing machines used in DWI cases. Police say The Intoxilyzer 9000—the replacement of The Intoxilyzer 5000—is much improved from the previous model; but several people including Attorney Scharmen have questioned […]

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Blood Analysis Lab for DWI Cases

The lab has several chromatographs and the one on the center left has a mass spectrometer attached. Mass Spectrometers are used to confirm gas chromatogram results in more serious case – more later. Some chromatographs have auto loaders (to the left) which are programed to automatically inject multiple samples into the machine. Before injection the […]

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